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Psychedelic Support

There has been a psychedelic renaissance in the last decade, and many people are looking for help and guidance supporting their experiences with psychedelics, sometimes called entheogens.

Are you looking to speak about your psychedelic experiences with someone who understands the terrain?

I specialize in psychedelic support and have been active in psychedelic science for twenty years.  I'm a Clinical Research Fellow at Yale University, and I work as a therapist for an MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study for severe PTSD.  

I'm a founding member of the NYU Psychedelic Research Group, where we study how psilocybin mushrooms and therapy can help treat mood problems like depression and anxiety, as well as addictive disorders, like alcoholism.  See coverage in The Atlantic and Newsweek.

Many people who have worked with psychedelics seek out support to talk about their experiences, which can range from confronting and difficult to visionary and mystical.

I have benefitted from training with some of the most respected psychedelic clinicians in the field, including Bill Richards, Ph.D., lead psychologist at Johns Hopkins' research group, and Dr. Michael and Annie Mithoefer, clinical supervisors for the MAPS MDMA trials.  I have also been mentored by Dr. Jeffrey Guss, who is the Director of Psychedelic Psychotherapy at NYU.  

We have published a handful of peer-reviewed articles on mysticism, altruism, patient experiences in psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, cancer and psychedelic therapy, as well as case studies.

Please note: Dr. Belser is not currently accepting new clients at this time.

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